Hobbies and personal

I have a passion for ministry, but I do have a life outside of it as well!

Lara, Deva, Xena, and Emily (with Xena ear “mustache”) take a Christmas Eve 2017 selfie.

I love my family. I live in Lowell with my wife Emily. I have an adult stepdaughter, Deva, who lives in Boston. We’re grateful that she lives nearby, but we still wish we saw her more. Our dearly adored dog, Xena, died recently. She was 18 1/2 years old. She is missed!

I love my family of origin, too. My mother and sisters live in Pennsylvania, where I grew up. I sure wish I saw more of them… I visit whenever I have a bit of time off.

Mom, Sharyl (sister), Lara, Della (sister) at the Women’s March on Washington, January 2017.

I have loved music all my life, starting with clarinet lessons in elementary school and learning guitar (mostly self-taught) when I was 13 years old. In addition to playing guitar and clarinet (very amateurishly), I am a bit more proficient on bass. I recently joined a Lowell-based band called “Park the Dog“. It has been so fun and rewarding. I have occasionally been known to strum a ukulele or improvise on the harmonium… I’m happy to give anything musical a try, really.

Merrimack Bend (Lara on left) play in Lowell.

I love learning languages, though I don’t have the gift for them that some people seem to. My German (started in high school) isn’t too bad. I am currently working on my Spanish. I’ve studied just a bit of Hindi and Punjabi, but would love to learn more. If only there were more hours in a day!

Finally, over the years I have studied tai chi chuan. That is something I want to get back into my life in 2018. Sure, let’s call it a resolution.