Hobbies and personal

I have a passion for ministry, but I do have a life outside of it as well!

Lara, Deva, Xena, and Emily (with Xena ear “mustache”) take a Christmas Eve 2017 selfie.

I love my family. I live in Lowell with my wife Emily and our adult daughter, Deva. Our dearly adored dog (a Chiweenie), Xena, died at 18 1/2 years old a couple of years ago. She is missed! We now have a wonderful Snorkie named Digory.

I love my family of origin, too. My mother and sisters live in Pennsylvania, where I grew up. I sure wish I saw more of them… I visit whenever I have a bit of time off.

Mom, Sharyl (sister), Lara, Della (sister) at the Women’s March on Washington, January 2017.

I have loved music all my life, starting with clarinet lessons in elementary school and learning guitar (mostly self-taught) when I was 13 years old. In addition to playing guitar and clarinet (very amateurishly), I am a bit more proficient on bass. Shortly after moving to Lowell I joined a band called “Park the Dog“. It has been so fun and rewarding. I have occasionally been known to strum a ukulele or improvise on the harmonium… I’m happy to give anything musical a try, really.

Park the Dog (Lara on left) play in Lowell.

I love learning languages, though I don’t have the gift for them that some people seem to. My German (started in high school) isn’t too bad. I am currently working on my Spanish. I’ve studied just a bit of Hindi and Punjabi, but would love to learn more. I’d love to learn Mandarin, too. If only there were more hours in a day!

Finally, over the years I have studied tai chi chuan and qigong. I’ve been trying to get back into it during the pandemic, particularly the simplified 24 form Yang style.