The Zen of an Occupational Hazard?

Last Sunday, December 6, I preached on Zen Buddhism (in honor of Bodhi Day, celebrated traditionally by some on December 8). Now I have Buddhism on my brain, which is wonderful — but it makes it harder to get in the right mindset for Advent, and tomorrow’s Hanukkah homily, and the following Sunday’s solstice/Yule service!

The Buddha giving his famous “Flower Sermon”


But, it was worth it.

I have been a tai chi chuan practitioner for about 15 years, and so I’ve always felt drawn to Taoism. Now I’m feeling a very close tie to Chan Buddhism (the Chinese form of Buddhism that “traveled” to Japan and became known as “Zen”).

I find that Chan Buddhism brings together many of the things that I hold dear, and after the “holidays” are over, I plan to dive in. Stay tuned!

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