Loss in 2020

To say that 2020 has been a difficult year filled with loss is an understatement. Today I’m a little extra sad because today is the birth anniversary of Tom, a member of the church I serve and our office administrator. We lost Tom in early March 2020, just before the pandemic turned everything upside down. (He did not have Covid-19.) The timing was such that we haven’t been able to have a full memorial service for Tom yet. I know many other people have experienced something similar with the inability to have a typical memorial service or funeral this year. We were lucky that the timing with Tom was such that we were able to visit him in the hospital until the day he died, and that was a blessing.

I recently looked at a list of lost “notables” in 2020. We definitely lost some inspiring people this past year, including some of my personal heroes (like Bill Withers and Little Richard). But probably the loss of a “notable” that hit me (and many others) the hardest this year was the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was so devastating, with a lasting and difficult consequence. We at First Church Unitarian in Littleton had an online vigil for her, and somehow our humble vigil was mentioned in a Boston Globe article which you can read here (“Ruth Bader Ginsburg remembered at candlelit vigils around the region“).

Tom in red sweater, in his office at FCU. I’m seated at his desk, surrounded by him and other GALA brothers from the congregation. This was just a couple of months before he died.

Neither Tom nor RBG died from Covid-19, though more than 285,000 Americans have died from the disease so far. I pray that 2021 comes with less loss.

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