Saturday sermonatin’

blogtypeIn spite of my best intentions, I now find myself doing something I do all too often on a Saturday afternoon: “sermonatin'”.

Everyone procrastinates some, and I’m no exception. But really, I’m not a big procrastinator as a general rule. Still, weeks get busy, and you think that sermon will be finished on Friday. But no. It is not.

Some of my colleagues say that writing sermons on Saturday is quite natural, and that really it’s just as well… because if you wrote it earlier in the week, you’d just keep coming back to it and obsessing and trying to perfect the imperfectable. I’m sure there’s truth in that.

And of course, the focus gets sharper on Saturday as the time grows shorter. I suppose that’s a benefit of sorts.

So here I sit… procrastinating just long enough to write this blog post. Back to it!

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